A Day in the Life of a new Venture Capitalist

A Day in the Life of a new Venture Capitalist

“We back high-impact teams looking to change the world!”
Shit. No. What the hell is a high impact team anyway? That sounds so cliche. Let me try again…

“We back amazing people. Period.”  
Yes! That’s better.  But that also sounds like every other VC’s about page on their website. Okay one more time…

“We’re not your ordinary VC. We’re happy to be the first check in and love investing in whats not hot.  We’re contrarian thinkers through and through. Email us!”
Yep. Everyone else writes all these silly blog posts about “how to get introed to a VC.” Not me.  I want the echo chamber to know I’m open to cold emails. I’ll find the talent before everyone else. Done and done.

Okay time to work. Let me just climb down my to-do list:

  1. Publish my medium post about fundraising advice. 

       Done.  I hope this shop in Bulgaria gives me claps from actual people this time.  I’m going to wait until tonight to see whose actually retweeted.  If those guys from Seqouia or Kleiner ignore me again, I’m not gonna like any of their tweets. At least for a week.

     2.  Go through the startup slide decks in my inbox.

Good god these deals are all garbage.  None of these teams worked at Google or Facebook…man I really need a filter. I should ask that people only be introduced to me. Oh wait, this team...Chamath is investing in them? Shit. Need to send them a wire today.  Chamath says a lot of crazy shit. I need some f**k you money of my own so I can start tweeting similar content.  This other team is all female. That whole “women in tech” thing should carry them for a while. No need to flip through the rest of deck but I should still do my diligence and ask, “Who else is investing?"

3. Write a letter to the limited partners in my fund.

       Dad -- I know we’re really not on speaking terms but I have to ask, are we still going to Aspen this year? If not, I’m going to bring a few friends for new years.  I know you’re up on Deer Island this weekend, so you may not see this till Monday.  My lawyer said I need the wire for the fund to hit by Friday. Mom already sent hers as soon as I asked. 

4. Email

  • Invite to Lightning Ventures holiday party. For a while, the partner I know over there and I used to congratulate each other on Twitter relentlessly, but damn. He just became another casualty of the #metoo movement. Best to avoid for time being. Will tell him I’m busy.

  • Need to invite Deepak to my mixer event.  I always thought this guy was a major douchebag in college. He even told my ex girlfriend (that he was obsessed with) that he hates me. We saw each other at Whole Foods a few weeks ago and both pretended like we didn’t know each other.  Nevertheless, Linkedin says he just joined that stealth co. Peter Thiel invested in.  Gotta play the long game.

      5.  Tweet

  • “Who is the best frontier tech investor you know? Looking at a couple of deals!” 
    Michael over at Spring Fund will definitely see this. He better invite me into his next deal after I gave him so many mentions on my blog.

  • “Happy to see my good friend Deepak start his new journey! #investinpeople” 
    That aught to warm Deepak up ;)

    I’m exhausted. 

    Time for beers at the Dutch Goose. 

    Not before CrossFit at Equinox though.

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